Board Information

Residents are absolutely invited and encouraged to attend the monthly Board meetings.

If you have a specific topic or issue you would like to bring up at the meeting, please call Erik at 208-855-0505 to discuss or send a detailed email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.


The next Board meeting is Tuesday November 27 at 7:00 p.m., at the Heritage Middle School cafeteria. The meeting agenda is below:

  1. Roll Call to determine quorum
  2. Approval of last meeting Minutes
  3. Financial Report
  4. Homeowner Topics
  5. Reports:

-Landscape Committee Report

-Website/Newsletter, Welcome/Social Committee Reports

-Architectural Committee 

-Violation Report

-Swimming Pool Committee Report: Splash pool-Pioneer pool approved: Construction starts mid-October

-Unfinished Business: Wrought iron fence project: tabled until 2019; new common area bench/table feature- two concrete pads poured Oct 16 for tables

-New Business: Pool bathroom tile cleaning: received Tile Tech quote

-Next Board Meeting:  November 27 7:00 pm Heritage Middle School



2018 HOA Dues Change: $100.00 early pay discount has ended! Annual Dues are now the full amount.

See details in the Annual Meeting Summary and January Homeowners letter below.

February 20, 2018 Annual HOA Meeting Summary Below...............

7:00 PM. Heritage Middle School

1)      Call to order.

2)      Board Roll Call present: Dave Bethke, President; Jason Evans, Vice President; Ed Paoli, Director; Cora Wickersham, Treasurer (late arrival).  Erik Sprengel and Jena Hain  (Snake River HOA)

3)      Home Owner/Property representatives present: 23. 43 are required for a quorum however nothing was being voted on. This meeting purpose was to educate SC Subdivision property owners on 2017 budget results, projects accomplished, and 2018 budget and projects.

4)      President’s Report

  1. Dave gave a presentation of projects accomplished in 2017 and projects required in 2018 to maintain subdivision standards for functional, cosmetic, and safety needs. Basically, as stated in the January summary letter (by postal mail and below), Saguaro Canyon is aging (10+ years) and is in need of major renovations to keep the subdivision attractive and desirable for residents, future sellers, and future buyers. The biggest single expenses scheduled is the relining of the swimming pool and replacing rotting fencing around common areas. A summary of all of this was provided in the January homeowner letter; shown below.
  2. Dave also announced the plan to build a toddler wading/play pool adjacent to the main pool. The subdivision is full (all lots are built up and population is at maximum), the main pool is maxed out during the summer days. A toddler wading/play pool is a good solution to offloading the main pool to provide a safer place for adults and toddlers, not to mention hopefully fewer unsanitary accidents in the main pool that have caused frequent shut-downs. The board has engaged with contractors for bids for building the toddler pool and peripheral surrounding landscape. The toddler pool will be built next to the main pool, with fencing moved to surround both.
  3. The money for the toddler pool is currently available in reserve, however the $100 early pay discount for HOA dues is now discontinued in order to keep on hand the minimum reserve amount necessary for emergencies. A HOA dues increase is NOT required, however ALL OWNERS must pay the full $640.00.

5)      Finance Report

  1. Dave presented the 2017 balance sheet and 2017 income statement reports. 2017 ended with a $9463.85 favorable net income after capital and all other expenses
  2. Dave presented the 2018 budget and budget highlights, including the maintenance and toddler pool capital expense targets

6)      Landscaping, Architectural, Social, Website and Pool Reports were presented.

  1. Social committee is needing volunteers to plan and manage the planned usual social events. Contact Cora Wickersham if interested. Lack of volunteers is detrimental to the execution and success of the popular regular events.
  2. The pool report included an elaboration on the state of the pool and the need for re-plastering and re-tiling. Bids are in hand and the work will start as soon as the weather is consistently warmer. It is not expected that the maintenance will affect the pool opening in May.
  3. There was some debate about the need for and authority to proceed with the toddler pool, however it was iterated that a new swimming pool was approved 3 years ago. The project did not go forward because there was/is insufficient area in the subdivision to house another full size pool, with parking, showers, etc. The toddler pool is the only solution, while also maintaining the existing common area grass areas used for other recreational purposes.

The meeting was finished and ended at 8:00 p.m.


January 2018 Letter to SCS Property owners

January 30, 2018

Subject: 2018 Operating Budget

Saguaro Canyon Subdivision (SCS) owners,

Your HOA Board of Directors sincerely hopes that you had a wonderful 2017 and wish you a happy and healthy 2018.

At this time every year, we (the Board) are faced with thinking about and making decisions regarding the operation, health, and well-being of our subdivision. Although we are a not for profit organization, running the Saguaro Canyon HOA is very comparable to running any other business. We must

  • Maintain a positive cash-flow after tending to all the operating expenses
  • Ensure that operating and capital expenses are within reason and competitive rates are paid
  • Maintain a sufficient reserve bank account as back-up to quickly cover property issues and emergencies
  • Do as much as possible to provide a safe environment and amenities for home owner’s enjoyment
  • Ensure that the entire property maintains a sophisticated and desirable look and feel such that the overall subdivision and individual properties within remain at their highest possible values.

In the past 12+ years as SCS grew from infancy (with brand-new landscaping and common area constructions) to the fully developed subdivision that it is today, SCS was able to charge a modest (compared to most) HOA fee that covered operating expenses and at the same time supported the growth of a substantial reserve. In fact, in 2009 the board initiated a $100 “pay early” discount to owners as the yearly cash flow and reserves were very healthy. SCS has never had an HOA dues increase.

In 2017 the subdivision began to show the effects being an aging 10-year-old community. The Board had to, for the first time, utilize reserve money to start rebuilding the infrastructure for landscape plants, trees, shredded bark and rock replacement; spot/flood light and entrance light repair/replacement; replacement of bricks/stonework on our common area structures; wrought-iron powder-coating and post replacement of common area fencing; playground equipment repair and safety code upgrades; and mold remediation in the pool store-room. Over $90,000 was spent for rejuvenation in 2017.

2018 presents a continuation of the same deterioration that MUST be tended to:

  • Our 10-year-old swimming pool cement liner needs to be re-plastered for sealant, safety, and cosmetic appeal. Adjacent necessary tile-work will be replaced at the same time.
  • Pool rest-room and storage buildings need exterior brick/stonework replaced/repaired, for cosmetic as well as safety reasons
  • Pool rest-room and storage buildings need re-roofing/roofing repairs
  • The two round deco turret buildings (one near the entrance and one near the middle playground/pool area) need roofing and exterior stonework repairs
  • Continued common area fence post replacement/wrought-iron powder-coating
  • Furthermore, it has become very obvious, now that SCS is fully built-out and all but two homes are occupied, in the heat of our hot summer days our swimming pool is very popular and in fact over-crowded with users of all ages. To ease this situation, the Board has agreed to, if it can be done for the target price, fund a two-foot deep “kiddie-pool” with a sitting ledge all around, to be built adjacent to the existing pool, north of the pool parking lot. This “kiddie pool” will provide a safer and more comfortable experience for the older users of the larger/deeper pool as well as a safer experience for the toddlers who will use the kiddie pool.

In 2017, due to rising costs in ALL aspects of the operating expenses, the positive cash flow was small at only $20,000, and the Board had no choice but to draw from the reserves to pay for the 2017 capital expenses mentioned above. The Board feels very strongly that the 2018 maintenance and capital expenses noted above must be implemented. To do so however, our reserve will be significantly utilized and reduced. To off-set this expense and reserve reduction, the Board will, effective immediately and indefinitely, end the $100 early pay discount for annual dues.

Since we have the reserves available, although other subdivisions have imposed dues increases every 3-4 years, we don’t see the need to impose a “levy” on owners to cover these costs. The removal of the discount program will allow us to perform the repairs and upgrades, while still maintaining a minimum reserve, and re-build the cash reserve in subsequent years.

SCS property owners should feel fortunate that the HOA continues to be managed such that the subdivision remains to be one of the most desirable subdivisions around, with as minimal financial impact on owners as possible.

We hope to see you all at the annual meeting on February 20, 7:00 pm., Heritage Middle School.