Landscape Committee Highlights

The landscape committee has been working together for over a year and currently has a 5 year plan.

  • 2016 included approximately $25,000 worth of new plants, trees and  dead vegetation removal.  We spent time adding color throughout the medians on Red Horse and also participated in the new lighting and sprinkler systems. In 2017, we have removed plants that did not survive last winter, cleared overgrown bushes, and added color while maintaining the desert look that is Saguaro Canyon. Our long term goal is to make the entrance, medians, pool area and all common areas the best they can be and make us all feel proud to live here, all the while not forgetting any common area within our development.

August Update (2017)

  • Many of you are aware that some of the stonework around the pool buildings (and other areas) has had stones falling out. Beginning in mid August (now) a contractor will be repairing and replacing this rockwork where needed. The work should be complete by the end of August or shortly after. The damage came from water and ice/freezing during the winter, and also from being climbed on. These decorative facings are not strong enough to support climbing. Please be watchful of individuals climbing on our building/statue architectures and discurage them from doing so.
  • Much needed common area fence repairs i.e. replacing rotted off wooden posts and reattaching iron fences, will start soon, so you will see fence repair crews tearing out old posts and replacing. If your property borders a common area, you may have some shrubbery that could be affected.
  • We are also needing to take care of some issues in the playground areas. This work will be done late August/early September.
  • You may have heard of a mold issue inside the pool store room (by the fireplace at the rear of the pool). The visible mold is minimal, but nevertheless a remediation team will be working inside the room soon to remove the issue, repair any damage, and determine where the moisture was coming from. This primarily was a result of our last winter's snow, rain, etc. This room is always locked and is only for authorized use.